The haggard day

Haven’t draw anything for so long. This is a trying hard drawing hehe. I’ll post some of my old drawings, and i’ll try to draw from now on. Just a warm up for a preparation plans. And this is my actual lazy outfit last week tuesday. 

The haggard day of my life was last week tues. When you have period and so many errands to do, paying bills and do grocery. Glorietta is 30mins away to alabang, what bothers me is.. When a sales staff get you for a talk for their skincare product, and you don’t really wanna buy their stuffs and yet they still continue talking. Feels like they are forcing me to buy it. I think you might encounter this, if they offer you to test their cuticle stuff. It is a mani/pedi stuffs. I was Surprised when their sales staff took a paperbag and a lotion, it’s a set. I said no you didn’t ask me first if i’d like to buy it. The talking continue for more than 30mins, it’s a waste of time if you are forcing me. Finally i was this.. My face is zero expression and i look to my watch. The sales staff ended it. Phew! What a terrifying sales talk haha! 

And i was hoping to buy my soap in Glorietta, but they don’t have it. So i went to a different mall near in my area. They still don’t have a stocks. Wow asiansecret is a top choices from women. I love their olive oil soap. 

Anyway, I might visit my childhood friend this sunday or next week monday. She asked me to paint her shoes hehe. 

The haggard day

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