Receiving love

Received this stuffs from bro gf today! I’ll text her later to say how thankful i am receiving all of this. Ate too much today and this chocolates. We also received a Garnier shampoo, i think it’s perfect on my hair, and the moisturising vitamin E cream. Can’t wait to try the cream later after taking a bath and tomorrow for the shampoo. 

Next month is kinda exciting for me coz i get to used some new product ahaha! And i’m gonna try using a facial mask hopefully it will work on my skin. It worry me a lil bit coz it might irritate my skin, hopefully not.   

A lot’s of happening in my life lately. It’s like a one shot BOOM and’s up to you what choices you had to pick. I still hope that this is what i’m waiting for. 

Receiving love

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