Facial Mask/Insect Repellent

I can finally review this 2 products, order this through online. I’ve been using this for 3 weeks now. The facial mask can firm your skin and also moisturize your skin.  It also says that the facial mask can also lighten your skin, it works anyway. The only problem on using this is.. My face is really oily since it can also moisturize my skin, it’s super oily haha! But it’s fine because it doesn’t irritate my skin. Plus i do facial treatment for oil control. 

The insect repellent really smells good because of the lavender mix on it. It can also relax your mind after spraying it. Lavender have so many benefits. I only spray it on my neck area.

My sundays will always be the sweaty day haha! Moisturize my body even on my skin. Reason why i took a facial treatment for oil control because of my skin face. Oh i do the facial on Flawless, i always pick the regular. After the day of facial my skin is really soft believed me haha! I super love going to Flawless, it’s my new me time place. It really relax you while listening to a jazzy music or a piano piece background. 

Really look haggard for the past few weeks so i took a me time yesterday. I also went to Laybare to wax my legs haha! They offer a very affordable price. 

I can recommend to try the facial mask, it’s an organic mask so it really safe for your skin. 

Facial Mask/Insect Repellent

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