Cafe shibuya

I messed up with my diet lately lol. You can never fall out of love when it comes to food anyway haha! So thursday last week, i went to Glorietta just to buy some of my skincare. Also plan to try out eating at “Cafe Shibuya”. 

Tried their “Honey Toast”. Since it’s my first time, didn’t put honey on it. (That’s why it’s called honey toast. Such a loser i am lol) That’s too much honey in a jar haha! But it’s already sweet (But not too sweet), i think adding more honey would make it more sweeter. I like it not too sweet. It taste really great with vanilla ice cream on top, and with.. I don’t know what cream is it, but it works well. I also like their iced tea too. About the price, it’s a lil bit pricey for me but it’s fine. I can go back again and try some other foods from them. 

I’m a half messed up person last week thursday. So my brain doesn’t work well too haha! Oh a little bit of heart break, can cure with a nice sweet food. Everything is fine now, and fall back to places. 

Cafe shibuya

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