Yesterday at the park

Yesterday is my birthday.. It was so fun. Hang out with my bestie again to celebrate haha! We went to the mall and walk at the riverpark. I still remember what happened yesterday, can’t stop laughing. There’s a lot of food free taste in the supermarket yesterday lol. And they always approach us first to try their foods. We tried coffee, noodles , oatmeal breakfast, and fries. How lucky for us haha! I guess it’s my luckiest day for foods because it’s my birthday. 

The nega thing is.. I didn’t grab some of my birthday promo. The only thing i grab is the Flawless facial birthday promo. Thought their bday promo is still 50% off. I only got free soap from them. But it’s okay, it’s better than nothing anyway. Since my face badly need a facial because of my breakouts. 

We tried so many different foods to eat yesterday. Will do a food review later!


Yesterday at the park

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