Caramia cakes and gelato

This is not my first time on trying their gelato. The first time i tried it was at the sm megamall. Tried their pistachio first, it taste great but i still love their mango flavor with.. Hmm what is it?! Lol. Forgot it haha! You can just ask them on what is their best selling gelato. But the mango with blah blah was one of their best seller too. So heavenly good! Even though their price is a little bit expensive, but worth to try it. One scoop is P90.00, not bad. Their 3 scoops is worth of P290.00+. If i have some more money, would difinitely order 3 scoops haha! 

Will surely be back here for another scoop of mango. Love their table and chairs, it’s so cute. Because it have ribbons on it. 

Our mall is recently open the new building for a couple of months now. So they are opening some new store and some restaurant. 

Caramia cakes and gelato

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