Our mall here recently open two affordable restaurant 3 weeks ago. And one of them is “Chopstock”. It’s a japanese. First time eating here on my birthday with my bestfriend. I order this fish meal, they serve a bit bigger food unlike other resto. Plus they also served it with a bit veggies on the side which is good. It’s affordable price for only P160.00+, and you just add P20.00 for additional iced tea. 

Their iced tea taste so good. And yes this fish meal taste really good too! I always forgot the complete name of the food i order haha! Maybe i should write it down after eating. Their place is cute too! Colorful design, and their table have a bag hanger so you can just put your bag on it without worrying anything. They have tv that you can watch movie. When we go there.. Their movie is Kung Fu Panda. 

I’ll go back here again to try their snacks. Be back again here with my childhood friend. We haven’t hang out for a month now haha! It’s fun when you have a friends who’s also a foodie like you. 


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