Oatmeal cookies

Last saturday i have my baking lesson. It’s my first time on trying to bake. My friend suggest me to try oatmeal cookies first. She was the one who also teach me on how to bake. The ingredients for oatmeal cookies is easier to find at any supermarket. 

Went to my friend place in the afternoon, it was really hot during that day. But my brother did bring all my ingredients since friday night. 

She have a complete baking materials. I was looking all of her materials with my big eyes open lol. I wish i have all of them haha! She also suggest me to buy a small oven first. So i tried baking.. Mix all the dry ingredients first, then seperate the liquid ingredients then mix it too. Mix all of dry and liquid ingredients. I have fun measuring every ingredients anyway haha! 

Then bake it for 8-9minutes. I was nervous on my result of oatmeal cookies. But it was fine, not bad! The result is not too sweet. And why i like the result because it’s chewy and a little bit crunchy haha! So my first baking is not failed hurray hurray for me. I bake for more than 40pcs of cookies i think. My friend also ask if she can take 10pcs of cookies, of course i said yes. 

Today my bestie would come to visit me. Would also gave her my oatmeal cookies too. This is also perfect to eat in the morning, since you used oatmeal as main ingredients. Can’t wait to bake again next month. Gonna try baking chocolate cookies next time. 

Oatmeal cookies

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