Caramia cake

I’m back again to tried their cake. Went back after 4 days of trying their gelato with my childhood friend. And that’s the last day of my birthday celebration lol. On a week of my birthday, i celebrate for 3 days haha! 

You can buy this cake for only P100.00. Very affordable and it taste so good, not very sweet. It feels like i was eating a japanese cakes. And once again i forgot the name of this cake (lol), there’s a mango on the name. The cream on this cake taste great and the filling mango flavor in the middle of the cake taste great too. There’s a cherry on top on this cake, but mine doesn’t have it. Lucky for my childhood friend, her cake have it. 

And i finally knew the name of my favorite gelato from them it’s “mango cream” flavor. When i went back, i also eat gelato. I pig out during that day haha! Since it’s my last day of my birthday celebration. 

How to heal a broken heart.. Of course by foods lol. I get better anyway! 

Caramia cake

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