Chocolate cookies

It’s saturday baking again last week. I’m not supposed to bake last saturday, but my friend force me to bake a chocolate cookies. Reason why i can’t is.. I don’t have enough money to buy all of the ingredients. My friend have the kindest heart anyway haha! She offered that she’ll buy the other ingredients for me. I only need to pay her for the butter and chocolate chips. 

But my second attemp on baking is more succesful than the first one. They all like my chocolate cookies yay for me. My friend said that my cookies looks good because i did perfectly shape it lol. Yes, i did haha! The only difference between oatmeal and my chocolate cookies, is the chocolate cookie have baking powder. My oatmeal doesn’t have it when i check the recipe again. That’s why my oatmeal cookie is not that big. Maybe i should try baking oatmeal again and add baking powder. 

But the result of my chocolate cookies is perfect. It taste good! My friends would eat a lot of my cookies after i bake it. And they even ask to get some more and keep it, so that they can eat it during their siesta. I bake it for 10mins. I think you can also bake it for 9mins too. It’s chewy and not too sweet. Because i hate it when it’s too sweet. 

I become so addicted in baking! Can’t wait to bake again. I’ll try baking krinkles next time.

On the other side of being heart broken can never bake it for him haha! But you can eat this when you thinking about him lol. I feel relax when i bake it and forget about my heartache lol. I’ll give my cookies to my friends this wednesday. 

Chocolate cookies

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