Skin care package

Received my package today! I’ve been using the facial mask for 3 months now, the same with insect repellant. I can say that it’s good for my skin, facial mask active gold doesn’t irritate my skin. The only new products that i order is the body scrub and make up remover. Started using make up again, and i badly need it! Hopefully it will work fine on my skin.

This is also the first time that i’m trying their “malunggay body scrub” too. It has many benefits on skin. I’ve been using asian secret body scrub before, but wanted to try out something better. 

Also change my soap too. Before i’m using asian secret soap the green one. But always hard to find their soap these days, i don’t know why. I always find their orange one not their olive oil soap. So i tried this Cyleina organic soap, choose their lightening soap. So far.. My skin become more softer than before. I think i’m gonna start loving this soap soon. My skin is really soft. Been using it for 3 days now, so far no bad reaction on my body skin. Oh the soap is not one of the package lol. You can always find this soap anywhere in the supermarket i think. It is only P64.00 more affordable than asian secret. 

Can’t wait to try the body scrub later haha! Haven’t been using body scrub for 2 weeks now lol. 

Skin care package

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