Buku buku cafe

There’s a new cafe in SM Southmall. It’s the “Buku Buku Cafe”. I’ve read in their picture display that Buku is the Malaysian word for “books”. The concept of the cafe is mainly for books, as you can see so many books display around the cafe. Even their lights above they also put some books of it as a part of the design. Obviously i really like the interior, so colorful that you feel alive inside, and peaceful at the same time. And they also have books that you can read too. 

All the servers are friendly too! They don’t always forget to re-fill your water, so you don’t need to ask for it! 

Again i forget what’s the name of the food that we order lol. It’s a pasta.. It’s spicy but the chorizo balance it. You can taste spicy then sweet at the same time. Not bad! Most of their food here can be served for two people, which is good. The snacks is vegetable so it’s healthy, crispy and not too sour. Dip it with tomato sauce with a lil bit of beef (i think) with cheese on top. But i like the snacks more. 

And their table.. With plants on it and a small candle. Even their table is so creative too! Did order chocolate frappe. Not too sweet, but i think it need more a lil bit of sweetness. 

Over all not bad! I might come again to try their other foods. 

Buku buku cafe

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