Totally confused

When you are totally confused and feel like rejected, you would want to eat some more! I messed up with my diet. And tomorrow i’m gonna spend time with my family to watch Wonder Woman. For sure i’m gonna eat again lol. 

I was walking around at the mall and saw this goblin cute stufftoy. You know the korean drama “Goblin”.. Everyone is talking about it! And if you watch the show, you’ll always see them eating at the subway. So i’ll try it out here. They served fresh sandwich. Taste so great, would want to eat some more lol. 

Anyway i try different foods yesterday haha! The empanada, hopia, tuna mushroom gravy, and this sandwich lol. It’s really hard when you are in love guys you felt high coz you don’t know where would this relationship would end up, the same feeling with rejected too haha! 

I have fun at least yesterday coz i tried different foods. Makes me feel a little better. 

Food is still the best cure for anything! 

Totally confused