Chocolate crinkles and brownies

Bake this for such a long time now, always forgot to blog about it because i’ve been drawing most of the time. I still follow the same recipe for chocolate crinkles at bakehappy site. But i got the recipe for chocolate brownies from my childhood friend. You can also get some recipes from Pinterest, reason why i  like pinterest so much lol. 

The chocolate crinkles is chewy but taste more sweet. Same with brownies, but not too chewy. And all of the ingredients for this two recipes is easier to find and more affordable. Thinking about baking more cookies first before trying out cupcakes, since cupcake ingredients is quite expensive to buy. Was gonna try nutella cupcake next month or on my birthday month. 

Did buy also some boxes to put some of cookies or brownies (but you can also used it on everything you bake i think). Badly need a box or plastic cause i always give my friends every time i bake. Good news is there is a new mall near in our place, you just have to walk for about 10minutes and you are there haha! The mall have the store for baking and i’m so lucky , and their grocery store have samanco ice cream lol. So i have all the box, plastic, and cupcake liners too. 

Can’t wait on saturday.. I’ll be baking again. 

Chocolate crinkles and brownies

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