Since i never saw any review of Deoproce product, i’ll do a review specially for the cream. I’ve been using Deoproce mask for two months. My favorite is the green mask. It can really brigthen your skin and soothing! When you touch your skin it’s so smooth. But the thing is.. I’m not really sure if it is causing my skin to have a few pimples. My toner is helping my breakouts to healed. But they said that it’s normal if you have few pimples/acne. I have breakouts once a month so i guess it’s normal.

The “Piggy Collagen Bounce Cream”. It’s organic so it’s safe to used. I can really tell that it’s not irritating my skin. I have few breakouts on my skin before using this. When i used it.. my breakouts doesn’t aggravate so it’s suitable for my skin. Last night while using it.. There’s a fragrance, i can smell it. It smells good! I’m using some of my cream that my derma recommended me before, it smells bad lol. About the price of this cream, it’s quite expensive but i’m pretty sure that you can used it for two to three months. And when you put it on your face, you don’t have to put too much cream. It’s multi-function cream. The benefits are; it can whitens your skin, firm your skin, anti-wrinkles, and moisturize. I’m just too lazy to put so many cream on my face lol that’s why i decided to try this. So far i like it. I’m gonna continue using the cream and the mask too. Deoproce is available on all Watson’s store.

Update: about the cream.. I think it makes my skin to have more acne. I have 6 acne on my face now. So i’m not really sure if i’m gonna recommend this product. I can only have 2-3 acne before which is normal. It became worst! Not sure.. Gonna used the product for one more week. If it is still the same, i’m gonna stop using this. Or i’m just stressed lol. Update again: not recommendable to used better find some othe product. Your skin will have breakouts. Already stopped using this for few months and my skin is back to normal now and not having breakouts.

And Watson gave me this mini tripod for free. Just how lucky i am that day haha! When you purchase more than P1,500+, you can get this for free. Thank you Watson!


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