Cafe Cinaburo

Went to this cafe last January.. It’s a korean cafe! They open last year December, so they don’t have any cakes or cupcakes before. But now they have it, plus the decoration of their food is worth to take a picture because it’s cute. It’s instagrammy lol. Haven’t try their coffee except of hot chocolate. I love their hot chocolate.. Not too sweet. It is my favorite hot chocolate that i tried from so many cafes here. 

And all of their staff is friendly. I remember i went there with my bestfriend. We met a girl name Gian, she was friendly and we have chit chats cause she went to our table to explain something about what we order. 

It is my first time on trying a korean cafe. I tried japanese before not bad.. I shall go back to this cafe. Haven’t visit this cafe for such a long time. It reminds me of something (someone too) that hits my kokoro (heart) a little lol. It’s better to come here during afternoon on weekdays. So peaceful and relaxing. 

Thinking of this cafe really reminds me of something i felt so warm before haha (yea yea it is about someone too lol) then it hits me that it will never be the same. When you ever felt this way, every place you went became so special to you. That’s why this cafe was special to me i guess.

I’m so emotera lol.

Cafe Cinaburo

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