Banana chocolate chip muffins

It was my first time baking a muffins. So happy with the result of these “banana chocolate chip muffins”. It’s moist and i can really taste the flavor of banana. And it’s easy to bake this, you can easily find the ingredients at the supermarket and it’s affordable! Was trying not to bake a quite expensive ingredients, saving up some money for my next trip lol. But i’ll be baking a muffins with not that expensive ingredients on christmas and new year too. 

I’ve only bake 12 muffins. Wish i buy more ingredients so i can bake for 24pcs. It taste really great, and these muffins is perfect for breakfast with milk drink. About the recipe.. I’m lazy to type it because it’s too long! I just copy the recipe from pinterest. You can search the recipe for this in pinterest.

Can’t wait to try another muffins recipe next time! 

Banana chocolate chip muffins

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