Milk tea and Pasta

Hang out with my brother last friday and did a little grocery. Only two months to go before his wedding yay! I’m gonna end my year with a warm and happy hopeful feelings i guess haha! This year was been a little hard on me.

I’ve been craving to try out the Nestea milk tea that i always saw in tv commercial. Finally buy the winter melon milk tea, when you buy the box it is 10pcs for 100 pesos. You can drink it with cold or hot water up to you. But their winter melon taste really great! I don’t have to go out if i want to drink milk tea. I can make it from home lol. You just have to mix the powder then that’s it add water, it’s easier lol. I have an obsession to milk tea.

And also tried the pasta from Seattle’s Best. It taste so heavenly.. I think their pasta recipe is an italian version but not so sure. Lately been craving to try out some italian food because of my friend. Their pasta is a little spicy but still taste good, it could balance because of the cheese. It is my favorite pasta now haha! I’ll be back for sure just to eat pasta.

Milk tea and Pasta

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