Addicted to any mask lol

I been collecting any mask for skin care, even foot mask lol.  Haven’t try the foot mask, was about to try it before waxing my legs. But i already tried the eye zone mask. Couldn’t see the difference in one used. Maybe i need a week to see the result, but the mask doesn’t have weird smell.

I stop buying mask for face. I just noticed my skin face is really sensitive whenever i used any facial mask. But i been using two mask now which is origin mask (for blemishes and pimples) and active gold mask (for anti aging). My skin is not irritated on it. Also i stopped using Deoproce cream, my skin got breakouts because of it. So i went back to my derma and she recommended me to used some of their new product, it’s a cream it has many benefits. I’ve been using it for more two weeks. And because of that cream my skin is better now. No more breakouts, and of course the origin mask also helps too.

And this banana chips was so memorable for me haha! My mom and me are bonding together while eating this chips. I don’t remember where did i buy this jovy’s banana chips at first, but when bro and i did grocery yesterday i just found it lol. I remember my mom was taking care of me when i was broken hearted for a while. Then we watch a movie about a comedy action film while eating this banana chips haha! For the past two days of crying, i laugh while eating this banana chips. It was so memorable. I love my mom so much! This is a little personal lol. But now i am technically single and eating this banana chips again haha.

Addicted to any mask lol

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