Baking buddy

Two weeks ago I got a team work with my childhood friend. She finally decide that she also wanted to learn how to bake. I am happy for her. She bake for like every weeks i think haha! Well good for her.. i just recently go back in baking but a little failed though lol. I will try my best to bring back my baking addiction. But i only wanted to bake once a month because of my diet. She did a good job, but doesn’t really follow the instructions so it taste different and a bit dry and not moist. We all wanted to have a moist cupcakes right? But the good thing about it looks really good. I help her a bit. We bake banana chocolate cupcakes and I forgot the name of the second we bake.

Then we watch movie together with our high school classmate. It was kinda reunion on what happened haha! But it was fun seeing your high school friend for such a long time.

Can’t wait to bake again! I will bake loaf next time.

Baking buddy

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