Have you ever go back to the place that you used to go like a cafe? It’s been a year since the last time I went to this cafe with a friend. It’s a korean cafe, now they are serving cakes. I really like going to cafe alone not on weekend haha! Cause there’s not too much people around. It feels so warm and remembering everything, can’t believed it’s been a year. I used to hang out with bestie here. We always bring our sketch book and draw. I even draw on tissue whenever i forgot my sketchbook and left it on the table lol.

The place is still the same, it’s just that.. the taste is so different like I try their hot chocolate again, it taste so different unlike before. It taste so good when i first came to this cafe, i guess it’s because the owner of the cafe did our drinks then haha. But this time i also try their cakes, it’s a cheesecake. Taste so nice mhmmm! The thing that i really like on this cafe is the design of their food. They really put so much effort to look it more beautiful, it’s an instagrammy lol. If you took a picture of their foods, it looks so nice. It depends on how you take a picture on it.

The name of the cafe is “Cafe Cinaburo” It’s so nice and refreshing to go back here again! And they also sells some products from Korea.


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