Boddle fighting

Boddle fight food last week on sat with the family burrp haha! This is all a different kinds of filipino food on the table. You don’t used spoon and pork to eat, only your hand. I didn’t eat all of them lol i give up bruh! It taste great.. and especially on the pork. Well we have to burn those fats this week. This restaurant is somewhere in Manila, i forgot the name of it. But mostly of their food are very affordable so not bad at all. You can enjoy the boodle fight food when you are in a group of friends or family.

Tasting new food is really great but the problem is you have to burn it tomorrow haha.

Back to a bit personal stuffs. Such a busy week.. especially last week, guess i was meant to be traveling to visit my relatives and meet my friend. After a week of deciding to go to England next year. The DFA open a 100,000 slots to apply for a passport. Right on that day i plan to apply, and i suddenly watch it on the news lol. So i visit the site, they will have a slot for every minutes. It’s funny you have to watch out for every slot haha. But i did get a slot on August and pay it right away so i can get the slot without losing it.

So that’s it haha! Just a lot paperworks to take care of lol. Next year is for visa. And another great stuff comes to.. offering me. Why is it when there’s something good happened there’s also a bit bad things haha. Just about my health, i fell on the stairs.. but not worst can still walk. Then after that, i received a phone call a great stuff offering me. I don’t know if i should be happy about it or not. Anyway if i’m going to accept it, i’m sure i can used it when i travel soon.

Have a lovely day everyone. *hugs*

Boddle fighting

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