Women’s Exhibit

I do always forgot to post about whenever i visit a exhibit or museum. This year on Women’s month last March, i went to an exhibit dedicated for all the women’s. It’s to empower them for who they are. All of the artist are women. What i really like is the first painting. So beautiful to look for so many hours. And the dolls are cute wearing their dresses.

Girls always know your worth.. don’t settle for someone who can’t understand you and can’t be patient with you. Embrace that you are not perfect but all of those flaws will be perfect for someone who will understand you. You are strong! I know it’s kinda late to post something about this lol. But i suddenly remember some exhibit that i went haha especially last year. I went to a museum for like twice last year.

Okay i’m going to try to blog about my all of the museum or exhibit that i went last year up to this year. I’m not sure if i will visit a museum next month with my friends. There’s a new museum who recently open for like two months ago. What more exciting is there’s no entrance fee lol. But the problem is.. you have to visit the museum early, cause there’s so many people who will also come especially if it’s on weekend. Hopefully i can come next month. I would really wanna go to a new place haha! My wanderlust is so activated these past few days.

Women’s Exhibit

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