Sorry for not posting that much last month been busy. I have so many stuffs to review like new things in a month. But i do think i need time to used it at first so i can finally write a review soon.

Anyway i hangout with bro tonight and eat dinner at the mall. It was fun and he treat me for ice cream haha! I was expecting him to treat me for the whole dinner. Kidding lol. I’d be staying alone in the house for a week, mum and cousin went to their hometown for a short vacation. Which is.. i’d be busier taking care of the pets also.

Bought this at the mall today, the cat pouch. So cute! I have to buy a new pouch for my makeup stuffs. Another cat stuffs added to my collection yay. The cats point marker, i bought it last month but i haven’t used it yet. There’s two more books to finish reading.

I wish i have so many time to do more in a day haha.

Have a lovely day everyone!


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