Korean bbq

Got a date with my childhood friend yesterday. It was unexpected! She invite me if i can eat with her at any Korean restaurant at the mall. What more surprising it was her treat, hard to say no right? I quickly said i’m on my way lol. I haven’t try a Korean grill restaurant before so it was my first time. A buffet but it’s not a totally full Korean food, they were mix it with Japanese and other cuisine from different countries. This time it is really a full Korean restaurant. They also sell some ice cream from Korean which is cool. I am mostly eating at French or Italian restaurant.

What i love is that sweet potato with honey on it? I am not sure if it is honey they mix, but it taste so great. Perfect after you eat some spicy food haha. Korean people always love spicy food even their noodles. I’ve noticed something if you eat with any Korean restaurant, if you want to drink water or iced tea their glass is.. not that really small but it’s cute haha!

And i didn’t know that i will be addicted watching a Korean drama last year lol. I was so hooked watching Goblin before.

This Korean restaurant also have a tv that let you watch some korean girlband or boyband music video, so i could really feel that i’m also a korean haha!

I also love that salad. It taste like a bagoong they put in it, but it’s not bagoong (bagoong – it is a filipino dip). Not that really spicy. And of course the Kimchi that not everyone loves to eat here in my country. It was fine for me. Korean food is still healthy just like the japanese.

Anyway i have fun yesterday, cause i haven’t hangout with my childhood friend for such a long time. Although two weeks ago i was in their house. I mean we haven’t seen each other for two weeks now lol. She also have reason why she wants to hangout, something about the result of her checkup. I would always listen to a friend if they needed someone to talk with.

I would love to go back on this restaurant again. Their price is affordable, the only problem is you have to wait and reserved a table first.

Hope you all have a nice weekend everyone!

Korean bbq

Chocolate chip banana bread

It’s my birthday two weeks ago (Oct. 11) and i celebrate it with the family and friends on saturday. And finally i bake on my birthday, haven’t bake anything for such a long time. This time i try the recipe for “chocolate chip banana bread”. I got the recipe from searching in Pinterest. You can get a lot of recipes there. The ingredients is easier to find and affordable also. I’m gonna go back baking once a month, so i can improve it! I wanted to try different loaf recipes.

I bake this for more than 45mins. It is moisture a bit, but i didn’t achieve the right moisture for the loaf on this one. Maybe i over bake for like few minutes haha! Not bad.. still taste nice, and not too sweet. I don’t really wanna bake something too sweet. It has a right amount of sugar and i use three bananas.

I wish i can give this to you also.. a one slice of my loaf. Have a nice day everyone!

Chocolate chip banana bread

Face Serum

Last month i try a new skincare which is the face serum from Phinas Little Factory. They mostly sells organic skincare products. I’m using their soap and toner for more than a year, and my skin became a bit better ever since cause i have oily acne prone skin. It does do good on my skin.

But I feel like my skin face needed to try a new one that is much better. This serum have all the benefits for your skin. It can moisturize your skin, heal your acne, fade away dark spots, contains vit E for the glow, and can also firm your skin for anti aging. It’s all in one product that you can get all the benefits. So you don’t have to used so many products on your skin, and it’s naturals doesn’t have any chemicals which is safe also. Serum is quite popular lately to used as skincare, the korean influence us to try their skincare lol. Although we do have our own version and i support local products. And i am proud to say that this serum is made locally.

The effect on my skin, it can quickly heal my few acne and my skin became more softer and smooth. I am using the vit E from my Myra, so i am not really sure if they really added glow on my skin since it’s kinda better. This serum is 35ml but you don’t have to used so much on your face. Just a bit like 4-5 pumps and it’s fine. You can used this for two months and only used this every night.

I’m sorry for not being active last month, been busy and working a lot. And this month i am trying to be more healthy and change my food a bit. Just trying to be a better version of myself. But i do have so many things to blog about, cause i also try some new skincare products haha! Needed to use it first before doing a review.

Face Serum