Chocolate chip banana bread

It’s my birthday two weeks ago (Oct. 11) and i celebrate it with the family and friends on saturday. And finally i bake on my birthday, haven’t bake anything for such a long time. This time i try the recipe for “chocolate chip banana bread”. I got the recipe from searching in Pinterest. You can get a lot of recipes there. The ingredients is easier to find and affordable also. I’m gonna go back baking once a month, so i can improve it! I wanted to try different loaf recipes.

I bake this for more than 45mins. It is moisture a bit, but i didn’t achieve the right moisture for the loaf on this one. Maybe i over bake for like few minutes haha! Not bad.. still taste nice, and not too sweet. I don’t really wanna bake something too sweet. It has a right amount of sugar and i use three bananas.

I wish i can give this to you also.. a one slice of my loaf. Have a nice day everyone!

Chocolate chip banana bread

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