I finally got to try eating at the new Japanese bakery here at the mall with my friend last week Saturday. They open the bakery for more than a month. Mostly their bread had a cute design like this one tiger. I order their bread with flavour of milk, it taste great and also affordable. I could say that their price is affordable here. But i’m trying to find the cake bread that i’ve try before, also from a japanese bakery. It taste so heavenly! I remember i buy the flavour of green tea, so it’s still healthy. Unfortunately i didn’t find it in Kumori.

And i also try their milk tea, i couldn’t remember the exact name of my milk tea lol. But it has the flavour of cheese in it. You have to shake it just to mix all the cheese cream and the tea. It taste better if it is mix well. Not bad, maybe i didn’t order their best milk tea at that time. We are not supposed to eat at Kumori, but my friend really wanted to try it. We watch Fantastic Beasts first, and i ate a lot on that day haha!

I haven’t posted anything lately about my new skincare that i try. I will try next week to do a review, it’s just that mostly of my friends will ask you out to eat somewhere on weekend. So here it is.. it’s always been a food blog lol.


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