First little shopping for 2019

This is the first time that i buy something for the first month of 2019. Sorry for not updating, been busy for Holidays. I’ve been trying out new skincare products for the past few months, sadly some of the products didn’t workout on my skin so i stop using them. So i’m not gonna do a review on it here, unless if the product did a good job on my skin. I did try some product that really workout on my skin, especially the skincare products of “the faceshop”. I’ll post a separate blog about the faceshop skincare that i buy.

I was looking for a facial scrub that is natural and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals ingredients on it. And “Human Nature” is really expert when it comes to organic beauty products. I am using their sunflower oil as well. I tried using it for two weeks now, only used it twice a week. If you used this.. the smell of the product is really good it feels like i want to eat it lol. Feels like i am smelling a strawberry jam. Smells so sweet! The result on my skin is, it became more smooth and can also brighten the skin which is good. This is my favourite skincare for this month. Human nature product is mostly organic and it’s locally made. Proud to say that it is made from the Philippines.

And also a yoga mat to get back into shape again, since i gained a bit weight from the Holidays haha! Started using some workout equips also. I’m trying to workout 3-4x a week. And been trying to eat healthy food (started it last year, a couple of months before the year ends), but of course i still have my once cheat day a week. It’s always been 70% on healthy foods and 30% for workout. I’m trying to be consistent this year but eating more healthy food.

Hope you guys have a good Holidays! *hugs*

First little shopping for 2019

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