Korean stuffs is really popular nowadays, even their foods and the things they used like skincare (yes i try it too lol). And a lot of korean store is opening lately like the “Mumuso” store was recently open at the mall here. I was happy to see it last Wednesday, the mall is actually ten minutes away from my home and i just have to walk only.

I bought something of course lol. I can’t help myself haha! How can you say no to all of their cute stuffs when you walk around the store. The cat stickers is really cute, gonna used it to my book of ticket movies (i collect ticket movies and paste it on a scrap book), and a cute rabbit hair band.. this is so useful to me every time i do my skincare routine every night. I have two actually that i am using, but i need an extra one.

Another korean store that i also went is the “Latt vi”, is where i buy my yoga mat last month. They also have some korean snack foods from Korea and skincare as well.

I have to save up next month, i bought so many things this month. Don’t wanna walk around to any korean store so i won’t tempted to buy anything lol.