Chewy chocolate cookies

Two weeks ago i’ve been stressing out a bit and busy. I haven’t bake for such a long time, so i decided to bake cookies. So i’ve been eating out a little two weeks ago because of my stressed out haha! Been eating cookies mostly for my breakfast. I’d still follow the recipe that i used before. I’m not sure it i put the link for the recipe from my past blog post. I really love it this time, it’s more chewy and not too sweet. Perfect combination of milk in the morning while you messed up with your diet as well lol.

Supposed to try a new recipe but i was thinking it’s been a long time since the last that i bake, so i kinda did the basic first haha! The easier recipe to do. I did find some best recipe for chocolate cookies around the internet and also from youtube. I wanted to try it and do the best chocolate cookies. Some of the recipe, they put so many chocolates on it. It’s their secret ingredients (oh it’s not anymore lol), or they put the cookie dough in the fridge first for more than one hour. But they says, it taste more good. Might try that also soon!

Hoping to try more recipes soon! Sorry for being inactive lately.

Chewy chocolate cookies

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