Kawaii journal

I’m ready to do the kawaii journal challenge. I just bought these stuffs today. Thankfully the mall near in our place have Mumuso store, I did mention this before from my previous blog. It is a korean store. But they have a stationary section, where you can buy cute notebooks, journal, colourful gel pens, stickers, and washi tape. Their washi tape price is very affordable. I have to buy the colourful pens next time, just needed to save up again haha! And buy few stickers. I needed to go to another bookstore to find more journal stuffs, it’s just that korean store always have the cute design.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a month now, but I decided to try it and hopefully I’d be consistent on writing on it. I do have a journal, but it is only for writing no stickers and drawings at all. This time I am following a theme for the journal writing. I just look around in IG, and saw their journals. I was impressed so much, like how they did it so cute lol. They posted a topic that you are going to write like; what is your morning routine or the things that can make you smile if you have a long day or feeling tired. It’s nice to try this challenge for the first time. I needed more stuffs, i’m going to buy it probably next week. But badly needed to save up for the next month.

Hopefully i’m going to do it successfully haha! Like I did on my small sketchbook, at least i’m trying to draw just once a week sometimes lol. I just needed to go to a new places to get more inspiration.

I’ll try to be more active every week here! Have a nice day everyone.

Kawaii journal

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