Ben’s Halo Halo

I had a date with my bro last Thursday night after we went for a grocery. He mention this small restaurant that served the best halo halo near in our place, that you only need to drive for about 20 mine. Amazing right? We could messed up our diet every time we are in the mood lol. For bro he told me that he likes their halo halo. It is one of the best halo halo that h I tried. So i was so excited to try it and wait for one week before he would take me to the place.

Next to the Ben’s halo halo resto, there’s a barbecue resto as well. It’s unli barbecue according to bro, i haven’t try it but he did already with his friends. Ben’s resto place is just a small. But i like the design inside their resto, you could read some inspiration quotes about sweet foods. Outside the resto, there’s some table and chairs since their place is just small. But i prefer it to be outside cause i love the fresh outside.

Their halo halo is just only 90 pesos which is nice, and they served it not that small. The taste is not too sweet, and the ice is just too small and soft (i think? Lol) and easy to crash it while you mix all the ingredients. I really loved their ube and leche plan. It is one of the ingredients that really make the halo halo taste better. They also served other foods like pasta, sandwich, and other filipino desserts.

I will definitely go back here and eat their halo halo again and try their pasta. I haven’t done any food review. I’m going to try other foods as well next time.

Ben’s Halo Halo

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