Japanese snacks is the best! I used to buy snacks before in Daiso and my favourite is Hello Panda. This is the first time i try their strawberry flavour, it taste really great. I didn’t buy the box, cause i’m on a diet as well lol. I always love the taste of the biscuit in Hello Panda. I haven’t try the Strawberry Pocky. I’m going to eat it, while i’m working on my scrap book.

There are a lot of different flavours in Pocky. I was surprised, when I saw that they have a pizza and barbecue flavour haha! But i’m more interested to try the matcha flavour, maybe next time. Banana chips is my favourite snacks, but it’s hard to say no to japan snacks. I remember when my bestie came back here from Japan two years ago, she gave me a lot of japan snacks. I’m in heaven, when i received it from her. You are the best best-friend lol. And my other bestie also will go to Japan for work. So i’m going to received another stuffs again from Japan from my second bestie haha kidding!

Life is boring without sweet foods, but at the same time we need to lessen it. Just one cheat day per week is okay.


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