Fav. skin care

I started using this “Green Tea Seed Serum” four months ago and this is my second bottle. First try buying the sample pack first on Lazada, which you can have 10 pcs so it’s 10 days. I used it every morning only, cause i’m using a different serum every night. I’ve heard that Innisfree best selling product is this serum. Since i have oily skin, this is really suited for my skin. After you apply it on the face, it’s really watery but your skin can quickly absorb it. It can make your skin soft, brighten, and hydrate your skin as well. The seller also gave me a free sample, thank you. It’s nice that they have a box for this serum. I remember buying my first bottle of this, it didn’t have box so i felt a little worry that it’s not authentic at first. But after using it.. it’s really legit.

If you really want an affordable price for this serum, i would recommend to buy it online from Lazada. They sell it not so pricey and their product is authentic. The packaging could change in time as well. Innisfree already launch their first store in the Philippines this year in MOA as i remember, and second branch was on SM Megamall (not so sure lol). The price is different.. more pricey. Innisfree is one of the korean best skin care store so I wouldn’t the question the price.

I always forgot to blog about the new facial mask that I’m using. Went to the mall yesterday for some errands, and bought facial mask in The Face Shop. They have different price on every facial mask. I pick this facial mask for my oily skin, i really love this mask. I feel like the mask also clean my pores after using it and also brighten my skin lol. The mask helps to reduce shine on your face, so it’s really good for oily skin. Whenever i’m a little lazy to do all my skin care routine at night, i’m only using facial mask after applying my toner. I only used facial mask once a week. I am using a different facial mask also, my other favourite mask is from Origins.

I got a free toner when I pay it. The cashier lady is kind and friendly and gave me a free toner cause we did laughs a bit. Also yesterday i got a free ice cream as well, cause i did used my Globe rewards to buy ice cream on DQ. Such a nice day yesterday.

Fav. skin care

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