Cat journal

I’ve been writing a lot in my journal lately, i have so many realisations this month. Writing it, can also helps to know what i want. I’m really glad that journaling became popular these days. Since a lot of people was really into the digital world like blogging. I wouldn’t deny it, i also like blogging. But it’s really different when you wrote it on a paper or notebook. Journaling is different now, you can used washi tapes with cute designs on it, stationery, and also stickers. I bought the cat journal on Yoyoso, a korean store. I’m obsessed on checking some korean stores lately lol. They have so many cute stuffs there. And they have a different cat journal designs, but of course i’ve only bought one. They also have stickers, and you can buy the stickers in a affordable price unlike other korean store.

I wrote last night on what i need to improve about myself. I really need to improve my sleeping time seriously haha! Writing on a journal.. it’s like a therapy, especially i can also design each page by using washi tape and putting some stickers. I have so many stationery that i never used anymore, since the digital world became popular before and you only need to used email to send a message or letter, and now you can used any other chat apps. I always like receiving letter from my friends before. The last time that i wrote a letter was in college. Wrote a letter for my best friend and she wrote me back lol.

I wish other people would still write on a journal. I would want to encourage them, write a physical letter to your friends. 🙂

Would write some more next week. I’ve noticed i have so many stuffs to blog including some coffee shop that i went two months ago lol.

Cat journal

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