Black Scoop Cafe

A couple of months ago, i’m supposed to go to a new milk tea store here in our mall. It’s their first opening day at that time, you can buy milk tea for two for only one price and if you are one of the first 100 costumers you will get a free tumbler. Sadly i’m not one of those 100 people lol, i didn’t make it. I don’t want to mention the name of that milk tea store, cause they failed to open the store at 9am instead they open it at 11am. I stand in the line for two hours, and i have sunburn already haha. But it’s nice ’cause i get to talk with other people as well, the two girls in front of me was really nice and friendly and offer me to hangout with them to eat lunch but i said i can’t cause i have some errands (why i always don’t grab the opportunity to make new friends lately). I gave up and went inside the mall and found a new cafe that i haven’t try, i was walking around and saw “Black Scoop Cafe”. I check their place, it’s nice and peaceful inside. I love the interior of their cafe just simple with nice music to listen also.

I try their “Wintermelon milk tea”. It taste great and they don’t add so much ice on it. When it comes to their price, just a little pricey with other cafes but not so bad.

And yesterday i went back to the cafe again for my cheat day lol. I’ve been addicted eating different kinds of bread lately haha. I try their “brown sugar latte” not sure of the name but correct me if i’m wrong. And the cashier suggest me to add cream cheese cause it will taste better so i agree with it, but you have to pay for additional price for that. It really taste better and perfect combination of the bread that i buy from Bread Talk lol. Sorry i always forget the name (am i getting older now haha), i think the flavour of bread is coffee but it taste nice also.

There’s a lot of people in the cafe now. But the people are friendly like they would smile at you which is nice. That brown sugar latter taste so heavenly nice with cream cheese, i will surely order that again.

I wanted to visit some new cafes lately and bring some of my book or draw, but i prefer a peaceful cafe. Hopefully i’ll find a peaceful cafe soon.

Black Scoop Cafe

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