Life update

I was cleaning out my room, decluttering some things. And found my old film camera, stabilo pens, drawing pen. Didn’t know that i bought stabilo pens before, and i have different colors that i can used for my journal now. Just lucky me to found these things lol. But not really sure if my old film camera is still working. This camera is too old, i remember my mom gave this to me back in elementary days for my school trip so i can take pics of every place or things that i find beautiful or interesting. Good thing is the camera still looks nice, found it together with pouch. Not so sure if it’s still working, gonna try to buy battery and film for it. Supposed to attend an event for the photowalk in Intramuros, i think they don’t have a slot anymore for any participating people and i’m not sure if i can make it this saturday. Because the celebration of my bro birthday and my birthday (eheem haha) also is on this week saturday. We gonna celebrate it with bro wife families and childhood friends. Hopefully it will be fun this saturday. Can’t wait for it.

Went back to Black Scoop Cafe again two weeks ago lol. Couldn’t help it to drink brown sugar latte. With cream cheese it taste so much better. I’ll be back again with my journal, but i’m thinking of going back to my favourite cafe in Southmall. It’s a korean cafe, the place is peaceful i guess during weekdays. I’ve been taking care of myself this month, and i’m doing good so far. My sleeping time is already fixed now. I felt like i have to do something like any hobbies so i went back doing my old routine before, back when i was really contented with my life lol.

The only difference is.. i get to cook whatever food i want. I’ve been looking for any japanese and korean healthy recipes lately and have try some of it. And also i’ve been watching some korean popular influencer in youtube lol. It’s nice that they do a lot of things, i mean they’re not really focus on one thing, but to the other things as well. Like they do weaving, arts, reading books, stationaries, taking care of their health, and of course to cook haha. It’s really inspiring to watch their videos, it makes you want to be a better person. It does really help me a lot and i’d like to say thanks to those blogger in youtube especially to “Ondo”. She really reminds me of myself.

Makes me realised that i can also do some things together like drawings, baking, and reading books. Recently i bought some drawing pens from the artbar, i’ll buy more probably next week. Also kinda wanna try to go back doing some photography stuffs.

Just updating what was happening in my life right now. I hope you have a good day. *hugs*

Life update

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