Cafe visit

I keep coming back to Blk scoop cafe lately. This time i tried their “Matcha brown sugar latte”. It taste so much better and of course with cream cheese. Also buy a winter-melon flavour donut in Krispy Kreme it taste great. Nice combo with matcha latte lol. I think Blk scoop cafe is my peaceful place now, the cafe doesn’t have so much people during weekdays.

Bought a new shade from the BLk cosmetics. Oops lol seems like i did buy something on the same store blk scoop cafe and blk cosmetics. But it’s not the same store or a sister company haha. This is a nude shade perfect to wear everyday for any occasion. It is matte and light weight formula, not heavy on your lips. I also like the smell of this lipstick. I will surely buy again this shade. I hope they have a bigger version for this so we can used it for such a long time and the price is affordable.

I have more blogs to post soon lol.

Cafe visit

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