Van Gogh Alive

I’ve been busy with the holidays and my mum had a vacation here for more than a month. Hope you guys had a nice holidays. 🙂

I bought this from the new Papemelroti store at the mall here, cause i don’t have any souvenir from the exhibit.

Last December, i attend an exhibit for Van Gogh works. Of course it’s not his actual works, his original works is on a museum somewhere in Netherlands (sorry idk which place is it). The exhibit lasted here for two months only until December. I reserved and bought the ticket with my childhood friends, the ticket is a little pricey but worth it if you are really a fan of Van Gogh.

They used a projector for all of the Van Gogh works to show, you can watch it with dramatic music. Also you can watch his works like every leaves or birds from his painting is moving. They tell you about his story, on how he started learning to paint, writing letter to his brother, and how he love to paint the reality of the world in front of his eyes. I recommend you to watch the movies about Van Gogh, first is the oil painting movie (i really love this movie), the second movie is more focus on his story.

You can stay inside the exhibit for two hours, and take a pictures. The movie from the exhibit is only for more than 30 minutes as i remember.

They also have this in the exhibition, which is really interesting and feels like i am also a part of his painting when i tried sitting there. Yes we also take a pics here. :S

That was a fun exhibit and i get to hang out with my two childhood friends as well. Haven’t spend time with the two of them for such a long time, so it was really nice and we had a nice and funny conversation after the exhibit.

Van Gogh Alive