College days

I was cleaning and organising some stuffs in my room. And i saw my sculpture project back when i was still in college. So nice to see it after a couple of years. Supposed to finish painting this, but i didn’t have the time before. This is actually hmmm haha maybe you can just put some accessories on it. What am i thinking before when i did this lol.

My professor told me that he display my work on his studio. I feel so lucky that my professor display it. He also told me that someone wanted to get my sculpture, i’m not sure if he is joking at me or not. Maybe not then cause he is serious. I’m pretty close with my two professors back in college. It’s not about studying, but also you can learn so many things about them including their life. I feel like whenever i attend my major subjects before, it feels like home.

Planning to visit my University this year, but we haven’t plan about it, although we did a college reunion last year December. That was fun! We always have a reunion once a year or twice.

So nice to see some of the old stuffs, making you remember that warm feeling when you are passionate in everything you do.

College days