Christmas gifts

It was a blast last christmas! Hang out lots of time with my family and friends. Did shopping too last december at the megamall.  

Received a gift from my childhood friends. Received only two gifts lol. It’s hard to be an adult, you only received few gifts. Other friends would tell you “my gift for you is to hang out with you this christmas” haha! Anyway i only have few friends, but i am sure that i can trust them. Did received bag and eyebrow mascara. I’ve been using the eyebrow mascara (Maybelline) since last december, and i liked it. 

Started using lipstick now. Since i have this pale skin color, badly need some make up stuffs. Decided to try some lipstick first, but i’ve been using the faceshop lipgloss before buying lipstick. It can volume and improve my lips too. 

Did buy happyskin liquid lipstick. You can also used it for cheeks for blush-on effect. It is so pigmented, the color can’t easily faded. But if you been eating a lot, you still have to re-apply it. It can also improve your lips too. 

The second one lipstick that i buy is from Loreal. Pick the nude color for my lips. Not too pigmented, looks so natural on my lips. I like it. It can also moisturize your lips i think. I see improvement too on my lips everytime i used this. 

Guess i’m gonna focus on my lips and eyebrow for now. 

Christmas gifts

Princess or Messed up? 

I messed up today since in the morning ahaha! Supposed to go to the bank and windrawn money. I locked my door room. Then i forgot the’s still inside my room 😱. Good thing my neighbor help me out to open it, without bashing my door knob lol. 

So i want to treat myself like a princess today. I went to Nail it (not sure about the name again of the salon haha), i like the interior of their salon. You really gonna think that you are a princess. And their space is big, you can relax more. 

Since i wanna treat myself as princess, it seems i treat myself as a messed up person haha! I forgot the reason why i never wanted to have nail polish. I always destroy it haha, after a few days the nail polish  doesn’t look good anymore! So once again i messed it up for a 2nd time lol. After paying my packaged at the salon, already destroyed on one of my finger then two. But their service is good, i love the footspa, the massage to the feet and hands.

Then i decided to watch the christmas light show again at the park, but it rains haha (why you do this to me.. It is really a bad day lol). Used my umbrella, i think my umbrella wants to retired now ahaha! I just buy this for 5months ago 😅. For the third time i messed it up again. 

Instead of treating myself as a princess, i messed it up. 💀 

End up eating at the Mcdonalds. 

Princess or Messed up? 

Shopping galore

Went shopping today at the mall. I really wanna try the AC clean up cushion from etude house, so i bought it today with brush and puff cleaner. The good thing about this cushion have spf 50 and it’s good for acne prone skin, which is suitable for my skin. I have free stuffs from etude house. If you buy for worth of P1,000+ you’ll get a free bb precious mineral, pearl aura brightening essence, and Collagen moistful trial kit. Not really sure if i’m gonna try it, since my skin is really sensitive. 

Also buy eyebrow pencil from fashion 21. This month of October, i was planning to wear make up again. But i have to picked make up that it’s good for acne prone skin. Supposed to try Happy Skin but it’s so pricey. Since etude ac clean cushion has spf 50+, have to try this first. Don’t know if my skin will be so oily on using this. I hope not! Maybe i should add powder after putting this cushion. 

This october not sure if i’m gonna post some foods review. Coz i’m going on a same cafe and restaurant most of the time haha! Maybe i should try different food then. 

Shopping galore