K-Drama makeups

BLK released their new K-Drama makeups collection last April. If you buy the set with the box, you’ll get a 200 pesos discount in Lazada. I didn’t buy the whole set, cause I just wanted to buy these two products. Look at that.. their packaging are always cute. Every time I bought some of their product, I always keep the boxes lol.

The “Sweet lip duo” is a lips scrub, which helps your lips patches and can make your lips smooth. Decided to buy this one, I run out of lips scrub. It also have lip balm, I pick the shade of Snowdrop. The packing is cute, the design and with small mirror on it. It looks like a cute toy. But the lips scrub smells nice.

The “Creamy All-Over Paint” is a multi-purpose, that you can used on the cheeks and also to your lips. I tried using it on my cheeks, it’s easy to blend even if you already put a foundation on your face, it blends really well. I also tried using it as eyeshadow, it’s kinda hard to blend it or they have a technique on how you put this on. If it is on cheeks, it’s easier. It last longer on my cheeks. I pick the shade of Peony. I haven’t try it on my lips, i think i would prefer to used it on my cheeks. I’m planning to buy their new lipstick as well next month.

Nice BLK, I really love the Sweet Lip Duo. I hope that they will released more good products soon.

K-Drama makeups


Another cat stuff added to my collection. It’s a phone accessory, and i’m using it now. Buy it from Mumuso. They have so many cute stuffs. Hoping to find more cat stuffs soon. I’ve been going to any korean store lately. I’m also interested to find a Korean grocery. I do remember back in college, my classmate and i used to go to that grocery where they sell foods from Japan and Korea. I bought something there, a snacks and onigiri. Oh haha now i am talking a different topic. I’ve been really addicted to any korean stuffs even their food lol. Except that i’m not really watching korean drama that much. But there’s like a few series that i like from them.

Hope you guys had a nice valentines day last month. I have a nice valentines, did received a love letter from someone. And one memorable thing that happened, my brother gave me this rose candy lol. I do really appreciate it bro thank you. It’s amazing they have candy flowers.

So many products to review and until now i haven’t done any blog about it lol. I’ve been using a few products from The Faceshop, also try some other brand as well. It’s kinda hard to find a perfect skincare for your skin type sometimes. I’ll try to blog about it soon.

For the new followers thank you so much for following me.


First little shopping for 2019

This is the first time that i buy something for the first month of 2019. Sorry for not updating, been busy for Holidays. I’ve been trying out new skincare products for the past few months, sadly some of the products didn’t workout on my skin so i stop using them. So i’m not gonna do a review on it here, unless if the product did a good job on my skin. I did try some product that really workout on my skin, especially the skincare products of “the faceshop”. I’ll post a separate blog about the faceshop skincare that i buy.

I was looking for a facial scrub that is natural and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals ingredients on it. And “Human Nature” is really expert when it comes to organic beauty products. I am using their sunflower oil as well. I tried using it for two weeks now, only used it twice a week. If you used this.. the smell of the product is really good it feels like i want to eat it lol. Feels like i am smelling a strawberry jam. Smells so sweet! The result on my skin is, it became more smooth and can also brighten the skin which is good. This is my favourite skincare for this month. Human nature product is mostly organic and it’s locally made. Proud to say that it is made from the Philippines.

And also a yoga mat to get back into shape again, since i gained a bit weight from the Holidays haha! Started using some workout equips also. I’m trying to workout 3-4x a week. And been trying to eat healthy food (started it last year, a couple of months before the year ends), but of course i still have my once cheat day a week. It’s always been 70% on healthy foods and 30% for workout. I’m trying to be consistent this year but eating more healthy food.

Hope you guys have a good Holidays! *hugs*

First little shopping for 2019

Face Serum

Last month i try a new skincare which is the face serum from Phinas Little Factory. They mostly sells organic skincare products. I’m using their soap and toner for more than a year, and my skin became a bit better ever since cause i have oily acne prone skin. It does do good on my skin.

But I feel like my skin face needed to try a new one that is much better. This serum have all the benefits for your skin. It can moisturize your skin, heal your acne, fade away dark spots, contains vit E for the glow, and can also firm your skin for anti aging. It’s all in one product that you can get all the benefits. So you don’t have to used so many products on your skin, and it’s naturals doesn’t have any chemicals which is safe also. Serum is quite popular lately to used as skincare, the korean influence us to try their skincare lol. Although we do have our own version and i support local products. And i am proud to say that this serum is made locally.

The effect on my skin, it can quickly heal my few acne and my skin became more softer and smooth. I am using the vit E from my Myra, so i am not really sure if they really added glow on my skin since it’s kinda better. This serum is 35ml but you don’t have to used so much on your face. Just a bit like 4-5 pumps and it’s fine. You can used this for two months and only used this every night.

I’m sorry for not being active last month, been busy and working a lot. And this month i am trying to be more healthy and change my food a bit. Just trying to be a better version of myself. But i do have so many things to blog about, cause i also try some new skincare products haha! Needed to use it first before doing a review.

Face Serum

New things for this month

Hi everyone! I noticed i have a new followers.. thank you for following me. I would try my best to update my blog every week. Last week i was been so busy and got many errands.

Two weeks ago i did some searching of new things to try, like i promise i would try new things every month as long as it’s not the expensive though haha. Did a little grocery and buy shower cap and bath ball. Lately i been so obsessed checking out a korean store lol. Even their food it’s so addicting also. Their store will always been a lots cute stuff and interesting. Since landmark building is recently open for a couple of months. You will also see some korean products.

I bought Ph care feminine wash, it smells really good. I guess if you want a fruity smell of feminine wash you could try Ph care.

And also for the skin care, i tried taking myra e. I don’t really know the difference now on my skin. I am not sure about the result if it is good or not. But yea it added a little glow on my skin. Maybe i needed more time to used it and tell the final result soon. The price is not that expensive with 30 capsules, so you could try it for a month.

The “Matcha Latte Tea Milk Tea” only have 80 calories. I keep this for like so many months. I have the box for about 4 months haha but only drink it sometimes. But later found out the benefits of Matcha. It can boost your immune system since it also have vitamin C and it can enhance your mood. And boost your metabolism and burn calories. Search all the benefits and started drinking it like twice a week in the morning. I could tell the difference, i am more energetic in the morning after drinking it, and helps me to workout well. The taste is a little weird but not bad thinking all of those benefits.

The “Belvita” cookies. It has a lot of vitamins that you really need in a day. You could eat this during breakfast, only this cookies and it’s fine. I try eating this in the morning with the partner of matcha latte milk tea. It really helps me to workout in the morning and give that nice mood to start up my day. But the only thing that i didn’t like is.. The box only have 4 packs of cookies. If you open one, it have 2 not quite big cookies. So in a box they only have 8 cookies. I wish they have more bigger box like 20+ cookies inside lol. But i decided to stop only buy two box of this in every month, since the matcha latte really helps. I was taking care of myself even more for this past two months especially on my health. I think i’ve lost a little bit weight. That’s a good sign. Just needed to push it some more.

And i visit my dermatologist, i always buy one product from her. The cream is to whiten your skin and also have anti-aging too. One cream with two benefits. So you don’t need to put so much on your face. Kinda wanted to try korean skin care also haha! I have one korean skin care which is the aloe vera gel. I already blog it about it before. It doesn’t irritate my skin. My doctor also gave me two free products haha lucky for me. She gave me hand cream from Aveeno, i think that’s their new product. She gave me the sample product lol. But that’s okay i still feel thankful about it. And one product for acne. It’s a sample also. She is my friend also for more than two years, she would sometimes help me with my skin problem and i don’t have to pay for it haha! The benefits of having a doctor friend lol.

I forgot to blog about my eyebrow mascara that i bought from my Maybelline two months ago. It can really volumized your eyebrows. The price is a quite expensive, but not bad. And Maybelline have new products lately. Wanted to try some of them soon.

And i’ll be blogging about food next time haha! Just wanted to try different food lately.

Have a lovely day everyone! *hugs*

New things for this month

New things!

Trying out new things every month. I noticed every month i been buying new things like skin care or make up, since the new building of the mall here open few months ago. They have some more products interesting to buy, especially on that store that you can buy some stuffs for make up like brushes and some applicator to used for your powder compact. A lot of new stores open then.. and it’s up to you if you would want to buy or not but it’s tempting can’t help it sometimes haha!

I bought Cream Silk ultra conditioner for triple keratin rescue, i pick the ultimate straight which is the pink one. It is their new products.. Saw it from the commercial at first, i was so interested, since i never used that much on my hair. I try it two days ago, my hair became more smooth and easy to comb it and more shiny. What i really like about this is.. i like the fragrance it’s smells so good. Makes me want to smell my hair every time lol. But i’m also using Loreal damage treatment for hair every two weeks. The treatment can last on your hair for nearly two weeks. But it doesn’t have fragrance.

And the hand cream that i buy which is very affordable. You can buy it for only P100. The hand cream is not bad. It’s not sticky after you apply it on your hands. My hands became more smooth and i am not sure if it’s shiny. According on the packaging it will also make your hands shiny lol. I’m sure it will make your hands more smooth, but again it doesn’t have any fragrance haha! Before i am using body shop hand cream it’s a bit expensive but it has benefits on your finger nails also.

Going back to draw regularly for at least once a week haha! So i bought a new sketchbook which is really cute, you can also used it as a journal. I needed a.. not so small sketchbook. I have a bigger sketchbook and a small one too. The smaller one was running out of page now. I did really good on drawing last year though lol cause there’s only few pages left haha! I am thinking of using my only favourite medium on this new sketchbook, maybe pencil and ball-pens. Hmmm yea maybe i can used different colors of ball-pens then.

Phew so many stressed things haha! But still going in life. Guess when someone leave.. someone better is coming! I’m glad too. And i couldn’t believe there’s was something exciting to look forward next year omg can’t wait. I’ll tell it next on my blog.

Have a lovely day everyone *hugs*.

New things!

Girly things

The last lipstick that i bought is a little failed not smooth on lips and heavy also. I’m sorry BLK, i still love the Sleek Matte lip cream. So smooth on lips and not heavy and more lasting, cannot easily remove even when you eat and brush your teeth. I always been choosing the nude shade like my Sissy says “classy” lol. I have the shade of Birthday Suit their best selling shade, and the latest that i buy is Bittersweet shade a little darker also one of their best seller. You can wear this shade on any occasion.

Also i buy dress for summer haha! The dress color is blue (sorry a bit lazy to take a pic on it) and flowers print on it. I’ll be wearing this dress on sunday, our family and bro’s wife family will be bonding together to a resort. So i am bit busy this week for the preparation. (This will be posted on scheduled so it was a week late now lol).

I am using Kinepin Cotton Pads now for my toner, i am not using ordinary cotton anymore. You can save up your toner lotion if you are using this. And this is more affordable, it has 160pcs cotton pads, you can used it for about two months. I’m trying out some new stuffs lately, supposed not to buy Wax sugar yesterday haha! Went to watch Deadpool yesterday with friends and we are rushing up a bit cause of the time. My plan is actually to go to a waxing salon after watching the movie haha but i’m pretty sure the mall is closing after the movie, so i decided to buy this. I need a little effort for myself on this lol. Alright i’m gonna wax on Saturday before we will go to resort.

And the coffee scrub that i am using is also nice.. it can make your skin so smooth, reduce your cellulites a little, and improve your blood circulation. I’m using this for two years now! It is one of my favorite products, it is organic and locally made so it’s affordable. Lip scrub is also organic.. it exfoliates and lighten your lips color.

Yes girl! Never forget to pamper yourself. It’s been a bit hard these days. But that’s okay.. only few more days before closest friend is back from his trip. Time is really slow when you are waiting haha!

Girly things