Happy Skin

Happy Skin sells the best lipstick here just one slide and you have the full color on your lips, with a touch of ingredient that can benefits your lips as well. Some of their product like foundation has other benefits too, they mixed it with natural ingredients. So it’s all in one product not just a makeup but also a skincare at the same time. The problem is their price, it’s expensive! But you’ll never regret buying their products. And most of their packaging is really cute.

It’s a year ended sale last January until the first of February. Lots of store tried to sells all of their product from 2019. Of course i grab this opportunity lol. I’m going to separate another blog for the lipstick that i bought last month, it’s from a different brand. I was looking for a nail polish and how lucky i am, i bought a buy one take on nail polish from Happy Skin. Pick their best selling color nail polish.

Tried it already, it dries so quickly and can’t easily remove. But if it is my case, that always do so many things at work and chores in the house, the nail polish wouldn’t last lol. It took for more than a week before my nail is already messed up. I love this color so much, haven’t tried the other one. I would says not bad.. other nail polish would only take a couple of days for me so thumbs up Happy Skin.

Also bought their multi-use mousse makeup for eyes, cheeks, and lips. It’s a collaboration with Walt Disney. I’ve been hearing a lot of nice review in this product from the beauty vlogger in youtube, so i thought maybe i should tried it. I like all of the “on the go” makeups or the multi use lipstick. You can save up by buying just one product. Since i’m not really a heavy makeups user, and would only do a light makeups or just used a few makeups on my face (cause i prefer to invest into skincare :/), this is perfect. The shade is nice to used for everyday, and easy to apply, you’ll just have to use your finger tips and it’s fine. Even if you already apply foundation on your face, you can still easily spread this on your cheeks. The color looks natural, although this doesn’t last on cheeks i’ve noticed it, unlike other products. The pigmentation is nice also.. you don’t need to put so much, just a few then blend it on your cheeks. And you can used this for more than a year so the price is reasonable too. I haven’t really tried using it on my lips and eyelids cause i prefer using it on my cheeks.

I always love all of the products of Happy Skin but it’s so expensive, i usually buy their product if it’s on sale haha! Gonna update some more soon.. i got so many stuffs to review. Some of it i already forgot.

And for the new followers, thanks for following me. I will try to update this as i can! Have a good day everyone! 🙂

Happy Skin

Van Gogh Alive

I’ve been busy with the holidays and my mum had a vacation here for more than a month. Hope you guys had a nice holidays. 🙂

I bought this from the new Papemelroti store at the mall here, cause i don’t have any souvenir from the exhibit.

Last December, i attend an exhibit for Van Gogh works. Of course it’s not his actual works, his original works is on a museum somewhere in Netherlands (sorry idk which place is it). The exhibit lasted here for two months only until December. I reserved and bought the ticket with my childhood friends, the ticket is a little pricey but worth it if you are really a fan of Van Gogh.

They used a projector for all of the Van Gogh works to show, you can watch it with dramatic music. Also you can watch his works like every leaves or birds from his painting is moving. They tell you about his story, on how he started learning to paint, writing letter to his brother, and how he love to paint the reality of the world in front of his eyes. I recommend you to watch the movies about Van Gogh, first is the oil painting movie (i really love this movie), the second movie is more focus on his story.

You can stay inside the exhibit for two hours, and take a pictures. The movie from the exhibit is only for more than 30 minutes as i remember.

They also have this in the exhibition, which is really interesting and feels like i am also a part of his painting when i tried sitting there. Yes we also take a pics here. :S

That was a fun exhibit and i get to hang out with my two childhood friends as well. Haven’t spend time with the two of them for such a long time, so it was really nice and we had a nice and funny conversation after the exhibit.

Van Gogh Alive

Cafe visit

I keep coming back to Blk scoop cafe lately. This time i tried their “Matcha brown sugar latte”. It taste so much better and of course with cream cheese. Also buy a winter-melon flavour donut in Krispy Kreme it taste great. Nice combo with matcha latte lol. I think Blk scoop cafe is my peaceful place now, the cafe doesn’t have so much people during weekdays.

Bought a new shade from the BLk cosmetics. Oops lol seems like i did buy something on the same store blk scoop cafe and blk cosmetics. But it’s not the same store or a sister company haha. This is a nude shade perfect to wear everyday for any occasion. It is matte and light weight formula, not heavy on your lips. I also like the smell of this lipstick. I will surely buy again this shade. I hope they have a bigger version for this so we can used it for such a long time and the price is affordable.

I have more blogs to post soon lol.

Cafe visit


Sorry for being not active in here. I have been trying out some new products as well. I’ll try as i can to write about the new products that i’m using this month.

Innisfree recently open their new branch at the Festival Mall Alabang. I usually buy their products in Megamall and it’s a bit too far from my place so i’ll have to ask my brother to buy it for me. Luckily they open their new branch here near in our mall last October. So i don’t need to worry about asking my brother again lol.

I tried their “Super volcanic pore clay mask 2x”. It has a cooling effect on my skin face after applying it which is really nice. It can help your skin to remove blackheads/whiteheads, also clean and shrink your pores. It has many benefits like making your skin softer and brighten, since my skin look dull sometimes. It’s easy to used it, you can used a spatula to apply it on your face. What i did is.. i only used my hands to apply it and leave it for 15-20mins then rinse your face and used a clean towel to remove it.

You can also buy some innisfree products in some online store for affordable price. Lazada and BeautyMNL sells innisfree products and don’t worry it’s legit. 🙂 This clay mask is one of their best selling product.


Life update

I was cleaning out my room, decluttering some things. And found my old film camera, stabilo pens, drawing pen. Didn’t know that i bought stabilo pens before, and i have different colors that i can used for my journal now. Just lucky me to found these things lol. But not really sure if my old film camera is still working. This camera is too old, i remember my mom gave this to me back in elementary days for my school trip so i can take pics of every place or things that i find beautiful or interesting. Good thing is the camera still looks nice, found it together with pouch. Not so sure if it’s still working, gonna try to buy battery and film for it. Supposed to attend an event for the photowalk in Intramuros, i think they don’t have a slot anymore for any participating people and i’m not sure if i can make it this saturday. Because the celebration of my bro birthday and my birthday (eheem haha) also is on this week saturday. We gonna celebrate it with bro wife families and childhood friends. Hopefully it will be fun this saturday. Can’t wait for it.

Went back to Black Scoop Cafe again two weeks ago lol. Couldn’t help it to drink brown sugar latte. With cream cheese it taste so much better. I’ll be back again with my journal, but i’m thinking of going back to my favourite cafe in Southmall. It’s a korean cafe, the place is peaceful i guess during weekdays. I’ve been taking care of myself this month, and i’m doing good so far. My sleeping time is already fixed now. I felt like i have to do something like any hobbies so i went back doing my old routine before, back when i was really contented with my life lol.

The only difference is.. i get to cook whatever food i want. I’ve been looking for any japanese and korean healthy recipes lately and have try some of it. And also i’ve been watching some korean popular influencer in youtube lol. It’s nice that they do a lot of things, i mean they’re not really focus on one thing, but to the other things as well. Like they do weaving, arts, reading books, stationaries, taking care of their health, and of course to cook haha. It’s really inspiring to watch their videos, it makes you want to be a better person. It does really help me a lot and i’d like to say thanks to those blogger in youtube especially to “Ondo”. She really reminds me of myself.

Makes me realised that i can also do some things together like drawings, baking, and reading books. Recently i bought some drawing pens from the artbar, i’ll buy more probably next week. Also kinda wanna try to go back doing some photography stuffs.

Just updating what was happening in my life right now. I hope you have a good day. *hugs*

Life update

Black Scoop Cafe

A couple of months ago, i’m supposed to go to a new milk tea store here in our mall. It’s their first opening day at that time, you can buy milk tea for two for only one price and if you are one of the first 100 costumers you will get a free tumbler. Sadly i’m not one of those 100 people lol, i didn’t make it. I don’t want to mention the name of that milk tea store, cause they failed to open the store at 9am instead they open it at 11am. I stand in the line for two hours, and i have sunburn already haha. But it’s nice ’cause i get to talk with other people as well, the two girls in front of me was really nice and friendly and offer me to hangout with them to eat lunch but i said i can’t cause i have some errands (why i always don’t grab the opportunity to make new friends lately). I gave up and went inside the mall and found a new cafe that i haven’t try, i was walking around and saw “Black Scoop Cafe”. I check their place, it’s nice and peaceful inside. I love the interior of their cafe just simple with nice music to listen also.

I try their “Wintermelon milk tea”. It taste great and they don’t add so much ice on it. When it comes to their price, just a little pricey with other cafes but not so bad.

And yesterday i went back to the cafe again for my cheat day lol. I’ve been addicted eating different kinds of bread lately haha. I try their “brown sugar latte” not sure of the name but correct me if i’m wrong. And the cashier suggest me to add cream cheese cause it will taste better so i agree with it, but you have to pay for additional price for that. It really taste better and perfect combination of the bread that i buy from Bread Talk lol. Sorry i always forget the name (am i getting older now haha), i think the flavour of bread is coffee but it taste nice also.

There’s a lot of people in the cafe now. But the people are friendly like they would smile at you which is nice. That brown sugar latter taste so heavenly nice with cream cheese, i will surely order that again.

I wanted to visit some new cafes lately and bring some of my book or draw, but i prefer a peaceful cafe. Hopefully i’ll find a peaceful cafe soon.

Black Scoop Cafe

Cat journal

I’ve been writing a lot in my journal lately, i have so many realisations this month. Writing it, can also helps to know what i want. I’m really glad that journaling became popular these days. Since a lot of people was really into the digital world like blogging. I wouldn’t deny it, i also like blogging. But it’s really different when you wrote it on a paper or notebook. Journaling is different now, you can used washi tapes with cute designs on it, stationery, and also stickers. I bought the cat journal on Yoyoso, a korean store. I’m obsessed on checking some korean stores lately lol. They have so many cute stuffs there. And they have a different cat journal designs, but of course i’ve only bought one. They also have stickers, and you can buy the stickers in a affordable price unlike other korean store.

I wrote last night on what i need to improve about myself. I really need to improve my sleeping time seriously haha! Writing on a journal.. it’s like a therapy, especially i can also design each page by using washi tape and putting some stickers. I have so many stationery that i never used anymore, since the digital world became popular before and you only need to used email to send a message or letter, and now you can used any other chat apps. I always like receiving letter from my friends before. The last time that i wrote a letter was in college. Wrote a letter for my best friend and she wrote me back lol.

I wish other people would still write on a journal. I would want to encourage them, write a physical letter to your friends. 🙂

Would write some more next week. I’ve noticed i have so many stuffs to blog including some coffee shop that i went two months ago lol.

Cat journal