Avocado milkshake 

This is the first time i eat into a new cafe again. Haven’t done so much of food review last November lol. Coz i keep coming back to the same cafe or resto. Since i do date my brother everytime we grocery on the first week of a month, he invite me to try the best seller milkshake of Seattle’s Best. 

It’s a two pictures here! Just to be honest.. i came back to Seattle’s Best 3x already for this month ahaha! 😄✌️ It’s december, you’ll get so many invite to hang out with friends. It’s hard to say no, specially if you haven’t seen each other for a while. 

So i tried their cinnamon roll on my first time here and their best seller Avocado Milkshake. I think it’s a perfect combo, since their cinnamon roll is not that too sweet. Their avocado milkshake taste really good, the sweetness is enough. And it’s so new to me because it is avocado flavor. About their price, it’s a lil bit expensive but worth to try. And their place is peaceful on afternoon. Would prefer to go to a cafe during afternoon because you’ll get to see few people only. 

 I have fun on my fist time here. Tasting new food is the greatest feeling ever ahaha! Like falling in love for the first time.. But with these sweet foods, the sweetness is forever haha! (Continue my hugot lol). 

Second time on SB.. i was with my best friend, try their pandisal with corned beef filling. Not bad! I still like the cinnamon roll. But one of my new favorite is the bread (yes i forgot the name again haha) with honey and butter on top. Taste so heavenly good, but it’s so sweet better to take coffee with this bread. So you’ll balance the sweetness on your mouth. 😁

I think i gained a lil bit weight now. Oh my.. Be back working out after holidays. 

Avocado milkshake