Girly things

The last lipstick that i bought is a little failed not smooth on lips and heavy also. I’m sorry BLK, i still love the Sleek Matte lip cream. So smooth on lips and not heavy and more lasting, cannot easily remove even when you eat and brush your teeth. I always been choosing the nude shade like my Sissy says “classy” lol. I have the shade of Birthday Suit their best selling shade, and the latest that i buy is Bittersweet shade a little darker also one of their best seller. You can wear this shade on any occasion.

Also i buy dress for summer haha! The dress color is blue (sorry a bit lazy to take a pic on it) and flowers print on it. I’ll be wearing this dress on sunday, our family and bro’s wife family will be bonding together to a resort. So i am bit busy this week for the preparation. (This will be posted on scheduled so it was a week late now lol).

I am using Kinepin Cotton Pads now for my toner, i am not using ordinary cotton anymore. You can save up your toner lotion if you are using this. And this is more affordable, it has 160pcs cotton pads, you can used it for about two months. I’m trying out some new stuffs lately, supposed not to buy Wax sugar yesterday haha! Went to watch Deadpool yesterday with friends and we are rushing up a bit cause of the time. My plan is actually to go to a waxing salon after watching the movie haha but i’m pretty sure the mall is closing after the movie, so i decided to buy this. I need a little effort for myself on this lol. Alright i’m gonna wax on Saturday before we will go to resort.

And the coffee scrub that i am using is also nice.. it can make your skin so smooth, reduce your cellulites a little, and improve your blood circulation. I’m using this for two years now! It is one of my favorite products, it is organic and locally made so it’s affordable. Lip scrub is also organic.. it exfoliates and lighten your lips color.

Yes girl! Never forget to pamper yourself. It’s been a bit hard these days. But that’s okay.. only few more days before closest friend is back from his trip. Time is really slow when you are waiting haha!

Girly things

Skin care package

Received my package today! I’ve been using the facial mask for 3 months now, the same with insect repellant. I can say that it’s good for my skin, facial mask active gold doesn’t irritate my skin. The only new products that i order is the body scrub and make up remover. Started using make up again, and i badly need it! Hopefully it will work fine on my skin.

This is also the first time that i’m trying their “malunggay body scrub” too. It has many benefits on skin. I’ve been using asian secret body scrub before, but wanted to try out something better. 

Also change my soap too. Before i’m using asian secret soap the green one. But always hard to find their soap these days, i don’t know why. I always find their orange one not their olive oil soap. So i tried this Cyleina organic soap, choose their lightening soap. So far.. My skin become more softer than before. I think i’m gonna start loving this soap soon. My skin is really soft. Been using it for 3 days now, so far no bad reaction on my body skin. Oh the soap is not one of the package lol. You can always find this soap anywhere in the supermarket i think. It is only P64.00 more affordable than asian secret. 

Can’t wait to try the body scrub later haha! Haven’t been using body scrub for 2 weeks now lol. 

Skin care package