Cutie :D

Hangout with bro yesterday unexpectedly haha! And he knew i have a new cat, so he name it “XB”. Sounds a weird name. We went to pet store and buy cat food and a red collar for my new cat. I have like two favourite cats now besides Lucky lol. It’s quite busy when you have to take care two cats now. I mean when you woke up in the morning, they’ll messed up some stuffs. Now it’s worse haha! But can’t do anything about it.. because they are cute.

It was fun yesterday with bro we ate dinner. And he also was looking for new furnitures. He invite me this saturday to eat pizza with them. We did talk about some serious things too!

And this is my new cat! So cute. 😀 wearing his red collar.

Anyway i bought new stuffs this month. I’ll do a review blog on it next week. Some of those things is for my health purposed. Yes! Just taking care of my health. Been busy mostly i badly needed some healthy foods also. When you have a goal, you can’t help to think about it and reach that goal. Alright we can do this next year.

Cutie :D