Have you ever go back to the place that you used to go like a cafe? It’s been a year since the last time I went to this cafe with a friend. It’s a korean cafe, now they are serving cakes. I really like going to cafe alone not on weekend haha! Cause there’s not too much people around. It feels so warm and remembering everything, can’t believed it’s been a year. I used to hang out with bestie here. We always bring our sketch book and draw. I even draw on tissue whenever i forgot my sketchbook and left it on the table lol.

The place is still the same, it’s just that.. the taste is so different like I try their hot chocolate again, it taste so different unlike before. It taste so good when i first came to this cafe, i guess it’s because the owner of the cafe did our drinks then haha. But this time i also try their cakes, it’s a cheesecake. Taste so nice mhmmm! The thing that i really like on this cafe is the design of their food. They really put so much effort to look it more beautiful, it’s an instagrammy lol. If you took a picture of their foods, it looks so nice. It depends on how you take a picture on it.

The name of the cafe is “Cafe Cinaburo” It’s so nice and refreshing to go back here again! And they also sells some products from Korea.


Cafe Cinaburo

Went to this cafe last January.. It’s a korean cafe! They open last year December, so they don’t have any cakes or cupcakes before. But now they have it, plus the decoration of their food is worth to take a picture because it’s cute. It’s instagrammy lol. Haven’t try their coffee except of hot chocolate. I love their hot chocolate.. Not too sweet. It is my favorite hot chocolate that i tried from so many cafes here. 

And all of their staff is friendly. I remember i went there with my bestfriend. We met a girl name Gian, she was friendly and we have chit chats cause she went to our table to explain something about what we order. 

It is my first time on trying a korean cafe. I tried japanese before not bad.. I shall go back to this cafe. Haven’t visit this cafe for such a long time. It reminds me of something (someone too) that hits my kokoro (heart) a little lol. It’s better to come here during afternoon on weekdays. So peaceful and relaxing. 

Thinking of this cafe really reminds me of something i felt so warm before haha (yea yea it is about someone too lol) then it hits me that it will never be the same. When you ever felt this way, every place you went became so special to you. That’s why this cafe was special to me i guess.

I’m so emotera lol.

Cafe Cinaburo


Was waiting my bestie last wed on this picture. Had a two days vacation in Tagaytay. It was fun and i really enjoy hanging out with my  bestie since we haven’t seen each other for 2 years. 

Back to being a foodie porn lol. I tried the Starbucks hot chocolate. I loved this hot choco, not too much cream and not too sweet also. I rarely go to Starbucks, but this time there’s no coffee shop in my bestie place. The only coffee shop is Starbucks. And i have obsession in hot chocolate lately because of the cold weather last month haha! So far i tried 4 hot choco in 4 different coffee shop lol. But the starbucks is my second favorite. I’ll be back again.. Oh price is not bad at all.

So many things that happened since last month. Need to be strong 💪🏻. 


That smores! 

Two weeks ago we went to Picked Cafe in Tunasan after watching movies. It’s my first time here. I love the displays before going inside the cafe, you’ll see that there’s a mini garden and some poster. So peaceful to stay here specially on the afternoon on weekdays, it’s a nice place if you want to chill alone and drink coffee. Or bring your bestie to hang out.

The grandma hot choco (not sure about the name lol) taste so heavenly good. Not too sweet so it’s perfect. I can go back to this cafe without eating anything, but this hot choco can save my day. 

Oh my marsmallows! This is my favorite “smores”. Taste so great with graham biscuits and not too sweet. The grandma hot choco is perfect combination for this. You should eat this while it’s still hot. They used dark chocolate i think. 

The only food that i didn’t like is this black burger. It’s too salty for me, but the beef patty is fine. And the sweet potato fries taste great. They served a bigger sandwich. If you have a friend you can both share a one sandwich here. 

Went back again here with my bestie yesterday, because i’m really craving for smores and yes the grandma hot choco. This time my bestie tried their chicken sandwich and share it with me, to my surprised it taste really great and not too salty. 

Overall i can go back here at Picked Cafe for so many times for the sake of smores and grandma hot choco. I really love staying here. It’s a nice place to hang out with your bestie and babe. Or it’s a perfect place for a babe time haha!

Had a nice and tiring day yesterday! 

That smores!