Korean stuffs is really popular nowadays, even their foods and the things they used like skincare (yes i try it too lol). And a lot of korean store is opening lately like the “Mumuso” store was recently open at the mall here. I was happy to see it last Wednesday, the mall is actually ten minutes away from my home and i just have to walk only.

I bought something of course lol. I can’t help myself haha! How can you say no to all of their cute stuffs when you walk around the store. The cat stickers is really cute, gonna used it to my book of ticket movies (i collect ticket movies and paste it on a scrap book), and a cute rabbit hair band.. this is so useful to me every time i do my skincare routine every night. I have two actually that i am using, but i need an extra one.

Another korean store that i also went is the “Latt vi”, is where i buy my yoga mat last month. They also have some korean snack foods from Korea and skincare as well.

I have to save up next month, i bought so many things this month. Don’t wanna walk around to any korean store so i won’t tempted to buy anything lol.


Korean bbq

Got a date with my childhood friend yesterday. It was unexpected! She invite me if i can eat with her at any Korean restaurant at the mall. What more surprising it was her treat, hard to say no right? I quickly said i’m on my way lol. I haven’t try a Korean grill restaurant before so it was my first time. A buffet but it’s not a totally full Korean food, they were mix it with Japanese and other cuisine from different countries. This time it is really a full Korean restaurant. They also sell some ice cream from Korean which is cool. I am mostly eating at French or Italian restaurant.

What i love is that sweet potato with honey on it? I am not sure if it is honey they mix, but it taste so great. Perfect after you eat some spicy food haha. Korean people always love spicy food even their noodles. I’ve noticed something if you eat with any Korean restaurant, if you want to drink water or iced tea their glass is.. not that really small but it’s cute haha!

And i didn’t know that i will be addicted watching a Korean drama last year lol. I was so hooked watching Goblin before.

This Korean restaurant also have a tv that let you watch some korean girlband or boyband music video, so i could really feel that i’m also a korean haha!

I also love that salad. It taste like a bagoong they put in it, but it’s not bagoong (bagoong – it is a filipino dip). Not that really spicy. And of course the Kimchi that not everyone loves to eat here in my country. It was fine for me. Korean food is still healthy just like the japanese.

Anyway i have fun yesterday, cause i haven’t hangout with my childhood friend for such a long time. Although two weeks ago i was in their house. I mean we haven’t seen each other for two weeks now lol. She also have reason why she wants to hangout, something about the result of her checkup. I would always listen to a friend if they needed someone to talk with.

I would love to go back on this restaurant again. Their price is affordable, the only problem is you have to wait and reserved a table first.

Hope you all have a nice weekend everyone!

Korean bbq

New things for this month

Hi everyone! I noticed i have a new followers.. thank you for following me. I would try my best to update my blog every week. Last week i was been so busy and got many errands.

Two weeks ago i did some searching of new things to try, like i promise i would try new things every month as long as it’s not the expensive though haha. Did a little grocery and buy shower cap and bath ball. Lately i been so obsessed checking out a korean store lol. Even their food it’s so addicting also. Their store will always been a lots cute stuff and interesting. Since landmark building is recently open for a couple of months. You will also see some korean products.

I bought Ph care feminine wash, it smells really good. I guess if you want a fruity smell of feminine wash you could try Ph care.

And also for the skin care, i tried taking myra e. I don’t really know the difference now on my skin. I am not sure about the result if it is good or not. But yea it added a little glow on my skin. Maybe i needed more time to used it and tell the final result soon. The price is not that expensive with 30 capsules, so you could try it for a month.

The “Matcha Latte Tea Milk Tea” only have 80 calories. I keep this for like so many months. I have the box for about 4 months haha but only drink it sometimes. But later found out the benefits of Matcha. It can boost your immune system since it also have vitamin C and it can enhance your mood. And boost your metabolism and burn calories. Search all the benefits and started drinking it like twice a week in the morning. I could tell the difference, i am more energetic in the morning after drinking it, and helps me to workout well. The taste is a little weird but not bad thinking all of those benefits.

The “Belvita” cookies. It has a lot of vitamins that you really need in a day. You could eat this during breakfast, only this cookies and it’s fine. I try eating this in the morning with the partner of matcha latte milk tea. It really helps me to workout in the morning and give that nice mood to start up my day. But the only thing that i didn’t like is.. The box only have 4 packs of cookies. If you open one, it have 2 not quite big cookies. So in a box they only have 8 cookies. I wish they have more bigger box like 20+ cookies inside lol. But i decided to stop only buy two box of this in every month, since the matcha latte really helps. I was taking care of myself even more for this past two months especially on my health. I think i’ve lost a little bit weight. That’s a good sign. Just needed to push it some more.

And i visit my dermatologist, i always buy one product from her. The cream is to whiten your skin and also have anti-aging too. One cream with two benefits. So you don’t need to put so much on your face. Kinda wanted to try korean skin care also haha! I have one korean skin care which is the aloe vera gel. I already blog it about it before. It doesn’t irritate my skin. My doctor also gave me two free products haha lucky for me. She gave me hand cream from Aveeno, i think that’s their new product. She gave me the sample product lol. But that’s okay i still feel thankful about it. And one product for acne. It’s a sample also. She is my friend also for more than two years, she would sometimes help me with my skin problem and i don’t have to pay for it haha! The benefits of having a doctor friend lol.

I forgot to blog about my eyebrow mascara that i bought from my Maybelline two months ago. It can really volumized your eyebrows. The price is a quite expensive, but not bad. And Maybelline have new products lately. Wanted to try some of them soon.

And i’ll be blogging about food next time haha! Just wanted to try different food lately.

Have a lovely day everyone! *hugs*

New things for this month


Have you ever go back to the place that you used to go like a cafe? It’s been a year since the last time I went to this cafe with a friend. It’s a korean cafe, now they are serving cakes. I really like going to cafe alone not on weekend haha! Cause there’s not too much people around. It feels so warm and remembering everything, can’t believed it’s been a year. I used to hang out with bestie here. We always bring our sketch book and draw. I even draw on tissue whenever i forgot my sketchbook and left it on the table lol.

The place is still the same, it’s just that.. the taste is so different like I try their hot chocolate again, it taste so different unlike before. It taste so good when i first came to this cafe, i guess it’s because the owner of the cafe did our drinks then haha. But this time i also try their cakes, it’s a cheesecake. Taste so nice mhmmm! The thing that i really like on this cafe is the design of their food. They really put so much effort to look it more beautiful, it’s an instagrammy lol. If you took a picture of their foods, it looks so nice. It depends on how you take a picture on it.

The name of the cafe is “Cafe Cinaburo” It’s so nice and refreshing to go back here again! And they also sells some products from Korea.


Cafe Cinaburo

Went to this cafe last January.. It’s a korean cafe! They open last year December, so they don’t have any cakes or cupcakes before. But now they have it, plus the decoration of their food is worth to take a picture because it’s cute. It’s instagrammy lol. Haven’t try their coffee except of hot chocolate. I love their hot chocolate.. Not too sweet. It is my favorite hot chocolate that i tried from so many cafes here. 

And all of their staff is friendly. I remember i went there with my bestfriend. We met a girl name Gian, she was friendly and we have chit chats cause she went to our table to explain something about what we order. 

It is my first time on trying a korean cafe. I tried japanese before not bad.. I shall go back to this cafe. Haven’t visit this cafe for such a long time. It reminds me of something (someone too) that hits my kokoro (heart) a little lol. It’s better to come here during afternoon on weekdays. So peaceful and relaxing. 

Thinking of this cafe really reminds me of something i felt so warm before haha (yea yea it is about someone too lol) then it hits me that it will never be the same. When you ever felt this way, every place you went became so special to you. That’s why this cafe was special to me i guess.

I’m so emotera lol.

Cafe Cinaburo