Friday with Mary Grace

I have a little heartbreak last week, so i ended up setting a piggy day with bestie last week friday lol. This is my first time on trying eating at “Mary Grace”. I’ve read that they have the best ensaymada, i could tell that.. It is! Really the best ensaymada that i tasted. 

I tried their grilled ensaymada which is the best seller according to their waiter. They first served it, it taste not that too sweet, and fluffy inside but a little crispy outside because it is grilled. I couldn’t say anything because it taste so heavenly haha! After eating it.. I feel like i wanted to order some more. 

I order their breakfast menu which is the bangus with sunny egg, even though it’s dinner lol. Not really liking this one anyway, maybe i should try their pasta next time. But i love their rice it goes along with the egg. I also think it taste great with longganisa. Supposed to try their apple iced tea, but they said it’s not available so we pick peppermint instead. 

I’m gonna try their pasta and cake next time. Yes! I’m pretty sure that i’ll be back on this restaurant. The only concern me is they have the small space, but their interior is cute.

The little heartbreak is over now! Food is been the best cured.

Oh grilled ensaymada! 

Friday with Mary Grace