Black Scoop Cafe

A couple of months ago, i’m supposed to go to a new milk tea store here in our mall. It’s their first opening day at that time, you can buy milk tea for two for only one price and if you are one of the first 100 costumers you will get a free tumbler. Sadly i’m not one of those 100 people lol, i didn’t make it. I don’t want to mention the name of that milk tea store, cause they failed to open the store at 9am instead they open it at 11am. I stand in the line for two hours, and i have sunburn already haha. But it’s nice ’cause i get to talk with other people as well, the two girls in front of me was really nice and friendly and offer me to hangout with them to eat lunch but i said i can’t cause i have some errands (why i always don’t grab the opportunity to make new friends lately). I gave up and went inside the mall and found a new cafe that i haven’t try, i was walking around and saw “Black Scoop Cafe”. I check their place, it’s nice and peaceful inside. I love the interior of their cafe just simple with nice music to listen also.

I try their “Wintermelon milk tea”. It taste great and they don’t add so much ice on it. When it comes to their price, just a little pricey with other cafes but not so bad.

And yesterday i went back to the cafe again for my cheat day lol. I’ve been addicted eating different kinds of bread lately haha. I try their “brown sugar latte” not sure of the name but correct me if i’m wrong. And the cashier suggest me to add cream cheese cause it will taste better so i agree with it, but you have to pay for additional price for that. It really taste better and perfect combination of the bread that i buy from Bread Talk lol. Sorry i always forget the name (am i getting older now haha), i think the flavour of bread is coffee but it taste nice also.

There’s a lot of people in the cafe now. But the people are friendly like they would smile at you which is nice. That brown sugar latter taste so heavenly nice with cream cheese, i will surely order that again.

I wanted to visit some new cafes lately and bring some of my book or draw, but i prefer a peaceful cafe. Hopefully i’ll find a peaceful cafe soon.

Black Scoop Cafe


I finally got to try eating at the new Japanese bakery here at the mall with my friend last week Saturday. They open the bakery for more than a month. Mostly their bread had a cute design like this one tiger. I order their bread with flavour of milk, it taste great and also affordable. I could say that their price is affordable here. But i’m trying to find the cake bread that i’ve try before, also from a japanese bakery. It taste so heavenly! I remember i buy the flavour of green tea, so it’s still healthy. Unfortunately i didn’t find it in Kumori.

And i also try their milk tea, i couldn’t remember the exact name of my milk tea lol. But it has the flavour of cheese in it. You have to shake it just to mix all the cheese cream and the tea. It taste better if it is mix well. Not bad, maybe i didn’t order their best milk tea at that time. We are not supposed to eat at Kumori, but my friend really wanted to try it. We watch Fantastic Beasts first, and i ate a lot on that day haha!

I haven’t posted anything lately about my new skincare that i try. I will try next week to do a review, it’s just that mostly of my friends will ask you out to eat somewhere on weekend. So here it is.. it’s always been a food blog lol.


New things for this month

Hi everyone! I noticed i have a new followers.. thank you for following me. I would try my best to update my blog every week. Last week i was been so busy and got many errands.

Two weeks ago i did some searching of new things to try, like i promise i would try new things every month as long as it’s not the expensive though haha. Did a little grocery and buy shower cap and bath ball. Lately i been so obsessed checking out a korean store lol. Even their food it’s so addicting also. Their store will always been a lots cute stuff and interesting. Since landmark building is recently open for a couple of months. You will also see some korean products.

I bought Ph care feminine wash, it smells really good. I guess if you want a fruity smell of feminine wash you could try Ph care.

And also for the skin care, i tried taking myra e. I don’t really know the difference now on my skin. I am not sure about the result if it is good or not. But yea it added a little glow on my skin. Maybe i needed more time to used it and tell the final result soon. The price is not that expensive with 30 capsules, so you could try it for a month.

The “Matcha Latte Tea Milk Tea” only have 80 calories. I keep this for like so many months. I have the box for about 4 months haha but only drink it sometimes. But later found out the benefits of Matcha. It can boost your immune system since it also have vitamin C and it can enhance your mood. And boost your metabolism and burn calories. Search all the benefits and started drinking it like twice a week in the morning. I could tell the difference, i am more energetic in the morning after drinking it, and helps me to workout well. The taste is a little weird but not bad thinking all of those benefits.

The “Belvita” cookies. It has a lot of vitamins that you really need in a day. You could eat this during breakfast, only this cookies and it’s fine. I try eating this in the morning with the partner of matcha latte milk tea. It really helps me to workout in the morning and give that nice mood to start up my day. But the only thing that i didn’t like is.. The box only have 4 packs of cookies. If you open one, it have 2 not quite big cookies. So in a box they only have 8 cookies. I wish they have more bigger box like 20+ cookies inside lol. But i decided to stop only buy two box of this in every month, since the matcha latte really helps. I was taking care of myself even more for this past two months especially on my health. I think i’ve lost a little bit weight. That’s a good sign. Just needed to push it some more.

And i visit my dermatologist, i always buy one product from her. The cream is to whiten your skin and also have anti-aging too. One cream with two benefits. So you don’t need to put so much on your face. Kinda wanted to try korean skin care also haha! I have one korean skin care which is the aloe vera gel. I already blog it about it before. It doesn’t irritate my skin. My doctor also gave me two free products haha lucky for me. She gave me hand cream from Aveeno, i think that’s their new product. She gave me the sample product lol. But that’s okay i still feel thankful about it. And one product for acne. It’s a sample also. She is my friend also for more than two years, she would sometimes help me with my skin problem and i don’t have to pay for it haha! The benefits of having a doctor friend lol.

I forgot to blog about my eyebrow mascara that i bought from my Maybelline two months ago. It can really volumized your eyebrows. The price is a quite expensive, but not bad. And Maybelline have new products lately. Wanted to try some of them soon.

And i’ll be blogging about food next time haha! Just wanted to try different food lately.

Have a lovely day everyone! *hugs*

New things for this month

Milk tea and Pasta

Hang out with my brother last friday and did a little grocery. Only two months to go before his wedding yay! I’m gonna end my year with a warm and happy hopeful feelings i guess haha! This year was been a little hard on me.

I’ve been craving to try out the Nestea milk tea that i always saw in tv commercial. Finally buy the winter melon milk tea, when you buy the box it is 10pcs for 100 pesos. You can drink it with cold or hot water up to you. But their winter melon taste really great! I don’t have to go out if i want to drink milk tea. I can make it from home lol. You just have to mix the powder then that’s it add water, it’s easier lol. I have an obsession to milk tea.

And also tried the pasta from Seattle’s Best. It taste so heavenly.. I think their pasta recipe is an italian version but not so sure. Lately been craving to try out some italian food because of my friend. Their pasta is a little spicy but still taste good, it could balance because of the cheese. It is my favorite pasta now haha! I’ll be back for sure just to eat pasta.

Milk tea and Pasta


Can’t help myself today to go out alone. I have a frustration mind, so i badly need some me time and to taste something new. 

Was really craving for churros since yesterday. So here it is.. Couldn’t help it! These two is a great partner, i mean the milk tea and churros. I lower the sugar level of my tea for 75% anyway, and moderate the caffeine. But it still taste good. Since i haven’t visit my usual place to soul searching lol. It is the “Serenitea”. I usually go there for a milk tea time alone.

The churros is crunchy with delicious chocolate dip. It makes me want to buy some more churros sticks lol. I feel like i wanted to eat again right now. But already messed up with my diet lately. Gonna need to work out tomorrow haha! 

Anyway i have a nice day today! Everything came back in balance. 😊