Another cat stuff added to my collection. It’s a phone accessory, and i’m using it now. Buy it from Mumuso. They have so many cute stuffs. Hoping to find more cat stuffs soon. I’ve been going to any korean store lately. I’m also interested to find a Korean grocery. I do remember back in college, my classmate and i used to go to that grocery where they sell foods from Japan and Korea. I bought something there, a snacks and onigiri. Oh haha now i am talking a different topic. I’ve been really addicted to any korean stuffs even their food lol. Except that i’m not really watching korean drama that much. But there’s like a few series that i like from them.

Hope you guys had a nice valentines day last month. I have a nice valentines, did received a love letter from someone. And one memorable thing that happened, my brother gave me this rose candy lol. I do really appreciate it bro thank you. It’s amazing they have candy flowers.

So many products to review and until now i haven’t done any blog about it lol. I’ve been using a few products from The Faceshop, also try some other brand as well. It’s kinda hard to find a perfect skincare for your skin type sometimes. I’ll try to blog about it soon.

For the new followers thank you so much for following me.



Two weeks ago i had a great time with my brother and together with her gf and niece too. That time is.. i also tried the hungry heroes cafe for the first time. We plan to have a shopping at divisoria ,168 (am i right 168? ), and night market. Cause i badly need a new bedsheet and pillow case. But i did buy so many things too besides bedsheet and pillowcase haha! If you are going to divisoria, you have to buy so many things not just few. And It’s quite too far in our place.

But these 3 things is what i like most. Who wouldn’t want a printed cute cats on a shirt? So cute. I only buy this for only P150.00. They have so many cute printed shirts, i regret that i only buy one shirt lol. And i also regret that i didn’t buy that sandals haha! Why is it you only regret when you got home lol. 

And shok shok (did i say the correct name for it? ) for the hair, and this nice blue rose light. The rose will light up red and blue colors. This is useful to me every night, especially when you have to go home at night. It’s very affordable you can buy this for only P20.00, the same price with shok shok. Did also buy slippers and pans. Oh my.. Forgot to buy leggings lol. Maybe next time! 

Pretty sure i will come back again. Wanted to save some money so let’s go to divi again before chirstmas. Time is really fast now.. Only 5 months to go and it’s christmas again! I had a great christmas last year. Met new people and lost people too. Oh no.. I’m so dramatic now, i’m gonna end this post now! 

Have a nice day everyone!~